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Positive trends related to COVID-19 case counts and vaccinations continue, and recent progress on campus is encouraging—made possible in part through diligent observation of safety protocols.   
Given the improving public health conditions, our goal is for our fall 2021 semester to look as close to fall 2019 as possible. This includes a return to mostly in-person classes and a vibrant campus community for our students. 
Therefore, we will use July as a month to help staff transition back to on-site work. Staff will begin transitioning to on-site work July 1, with a few exceptions for areas with work needs that require staff to return sooner. The expectation is that all staff who are working on site or in a hybrid schedule (some days on site and some days remote, for example) will be back on site the week of August 2. 

Health and Safety Guidelines

The university has implemented new health and safety guidelines that align with CDC guidelines and recommendations from UK's START team.

Learn more about the new health and safety guidelines

On-site Meetings

On-site meetings will follow CDC health and safety guidelines, as well as recommendations from UK's START team. 

More information on in-person meetings and events

Protecting Our Community

The university continues taking measures to protect our students, employees, visitors and community. If you are concerned that a colleague is not following protocol to keep everyone safe, refer them to their supervisor or contact (859) 218-SAFE or Environmental Health & Safety at (859) 257-9730. If the individual is a direct report, contact HR Employee Relations at (859) 257-8758. 

Students walking on campus practicing physical distancing and mask wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask another employee if they have been vaccinated?

No. Please do not violate individual health privacy by asking other employees about their vaccination status. 

If an employee chooses not to be vaccinated, can they continue working remotely?

University leaders will make decisions about all flexible work options, including remote work, based on the employee’s position and how the work they do contributes to the UK student and community experience. An employee’s personal decision about a vaccine does not determine or influence the flexible work options for their position. 

We encourage employees who are advised against getting vaccinated for medical reasons or choose not to get vaccinated for religious reasons to contact UK’s Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity about potential accommodations, which may include the ability to work remotely. 

Can employees work from home when they are sick, unrelated to COVID-19?

No. TDL (sick time) should be utilized when an employee is ill. 

Who is responsible for cleaning my work environment?

UK Facilities Management continues to provide routine building cleaning and deep cleaning as required based on potential exposures. In addition to these efforts, employees should clean high-touch surfaces and objects routinely, using disinfectant wipes twice daily. Examples of frequently touched items include: 

  • Tables 

  • Copiers 

  • Doorknobs 

  • Light switches 

  • Countertops 

  • Handles 

  • Desks  

  • Phones 

  • Keyboards and computer mouse 

  • Touch screens 

What happens if an employee finds out they have been exposed to COVID-19? What if they experience symptoms?

If an employee is experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, they should contact their primary care provider to schedule a telehealth appointment and a COVID-19 test within the next 48 hours. They can also contact UK Health Corps at (859) 218-SAFE (7233) or if they would like assistance in finding COVID-19 testing resources. Additional information is found in the symptoms and exposure handout. 

Who can employees talk with if they are concerned about their workplace safety and health?

Please call Environmental Health & Safety at (859) 257-9730