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Flexible Work

Over the past year, we have all learned a lot about the benefits of flexible work options. As our students return for their residential experience this fall, we must ensure they return to a vibrant, active campus. However, some positions, based on the work that must be performed, may be suitable for flexible work. Options could include continued remote work or a hybrid schedule, working remotely some days and reporting for on-site work on other days. Decisions about remote or hybrid schedules will be based on the duties required for the position. 

Once you've discussed your schedule with your supervisor, you'll need to complete the HR remote and hybrid work agreement form. In preparation for the fall 2021 semester, each college and unit submitted a workforce plan to their area's direct report to the President for approval. Moving forward, all remote hybrid work agreements should follow your area's review and approval process.

Travel and parking for remote and hybrid employees

UK Transportation Services currently offers two main parking options for employees. The first is the traditional annual parking permit option. In most instances, this is $40 per month and is payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis. The second option is to purchase daily parking through the use of scratch-off parking permits. These daily permits can be purchased for $4/day and can be purchased in advance. 

Purchasing daily permits will generally be more cost effective if you commute to campus two or fewer days per week. For those who commute to campus three or more days each week or prefer the convenience of pre-tax payroll deduction, the annual permit option is generally the better option. 

Employees may be required to make infrequent trips to an on-site location for meetings, trainings and equipment repair. Employees will not be reimbursed for those travel expenses. However, the employee may be reimbursed for travel expenses to other designated areas if on-site employees are reimbursed. 

While the pandemic has increased the number of employees who are accessing campus on a more infrequent basis, we have long had employees who commute to campus fewer than five days per week. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If an employee chooses not to be vaccinated, can they continue working remotely?

University leaders will make decisions about all flexible work options, including remote work, based on the employee’s position and how the work they do contributes to the UK student and community experience. An employee’s personal decision about a vaccine does not determine or influence the flexible work options for their position. 

We encourage employees who are advised against getting vaccinated for medical reasons or choose not to get vaccinated for religious reasons to contact UK’s Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity about potential accommodations, which may include the ability to work remotely. 

Are new employees eligible for flexible work options?

Yes, if the position is eligible for flexible work options. We also strongly encourage hiring managers/department chairs to consider what early opportunities will help the employee succeed in their new role – as an individual and as part of a collaborative team/department. Some of these opportunities may be a better fit for face-to-face introductions and discussions. We encourage that the onboarding process is conducted on site. 

Will an employee's compensation be adjusted if they live in another state?

No. The university’s compensation is based on market-analysis for central Kentucky and/or nationally, depending on the position. Employees should be advised that if they move to a state with higher taxes, they may see a decrease in their take-home pay. 

What should an employee do if they are injured while working remotely?

If an employee is injured while working remotely, they should follow the same, standard protocol as if they worked on site:  

  • If a work injury is life-threatening or results in serious bodily injury, immediately call 911. 

  • For non-urgent injuries, Employee should report the injury to their supervisor and to CorVel’s 24/7 Workers Care hotline at 1-800-440-6285. 

  • Additional information is available on HR's Workers' Compensation page

Can employees work from home when they are sick, unrelated to COVID-19?

No. TDL (sick time) should be utilized when an employee is ill.