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University of Kentucky Office of Student Conduct

The university's Code of Student Conduct is applicable to all students whether they live on or off campus.

To keep our Cats accountable, we ask that you first assume the best in your fellow student or colleague. Like you, they may still be working to build the habit of meeting hall health and safety protocols (such as forgetting to put on a mask). If that's the case, direct them to a wellness hut or front desk for a disposable mask or kindly ask them to put some distance between you and them.

If you feel the situation puts you or others in imminent risk, please contact the Office of Student Conduct. If the office receives a report regarding someone who fails to maintain proper physical distance from others when in public, a conduct officer will schedule a meeting with the student in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct and/or University Housing Community Standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a student fails to complete their daily screener?

Students will be contacted and encouraged to complete their screener. Repeated failure to complete the screener may result in an informal conduct meeting.  

Can students comply with the screener prior to their scheduled informal meeting?

Yes. If a student receives a letter from the Office of Student Conduct scheduling an informal meeting, completing the screener prior to the meeting will cause the meeting to be canceled and charges dismissed. However, if there is a need in the future to schedule an informal meeting, that meeting will not be canceled and the student conduct meeting will take place.  

Are students expected to follow local health department directives?

Yes, students are expected to follow any public health directive (including, but not limited to: quarantine orders, isolation orders, and contact tracing) issued or requested by UK Health Corps, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department (LFCHD), or any other local/county health department.

What happens if students and/or Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) host gatherings that do not follow current guidelines (number of people in attendance, social distancing, wearing face coverings, etc.)?

Students and RSOs can both be charged with violations of the Code of student Conduct. If a student or RSO creates a condition where they have put others at risk or harmed someone else, such as hosting a large gathering or not following state, local or university guidance, those involved may be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Possible violations could include 6. L. Harm and Threat of Harm, 6. AA. Violations of Law or other UK Policies, and/or BB. Failure to Follow UK COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines. Harm and Threat of Harm includes: physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, force, or other conduct that causes injury or a reasonable expectation of injury to the physical or mental health or safety of another person. Up to date information related to the guidelines can be found with the following links:

UK COVID-19 Students

UK RSO/Events

Where can I report someone who is refusing to follow public health guidelines? 

Reports can be submitted via the incident reporting form

If I report someone, will they know I reported them?

Any student who is charged with violation of the Code of Student Conduct and/or University Housing Community Standards has the right to know the identity of the person or persons that reported the behavior to the Office of Student Conduct and/or the Office of Residence Life. 

Can I submit an anonymous report?

Yes, reports can be submitted anonymously; however, this may limit the ability of the Office of Student Conduct to appropriately address the reported concerns. It is helpful to include specific details about the concern and supporting documentation such as pictures, screenshots, etc., to support the reported concern/behavior, when available.

Could I receive an interim suspension or face disciplinary suspension for not following public health guidelines or failing to comply with self-isolation? 

The university takes the health and safety of the campus community seriously. Those who continually fail to comply with guidelines, or those who deliberately fail to comply with the recommendations of medical professionals to self-isolate or quarantine may be suspended in order to protect the health and safety of the larger community.  

Will my conduct meeting be online?

Yes, all student conduct meetings will take place on Zoom. In-person meetings can be requested by contacting the Office of Student Conduct at 859-257-3755 or by reaching out directly to your conduct officer. All parties will be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment for any in-person meetings.